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Welcome to Harbertonford School

Welcome to Harbertonford C of E Primary School. We hope our school website provides you with helpful information and gives you an insight into the many varied opportunities available to all our children. Please contact the school if you wish to visit – we would love to show you around!

Newsletter 23 September

Pre-school space landings

Pre-school have been very interested in the journey of Tim Peake. We talked about the space station and about Tim Peake's return to earth. The children were so engaged in this discussion we decided to [...]

Natural Art Afternoon

Pre-school enjoyed collecting natural objects during our field session. The children then created a collage using their collection. We looked at Andy Goldsworthy a famous British sculptor and used his style to inspire our art.

Adventure Challenge

Class 1 used their team skills this morning while taking part in Adventure Challenge. The children enjoyed working across their year groups to complete a range of exciting challenges.